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Tremblant Resort is located at 1000, chemin des Voyageurs, Mont-Tremblant, J8E 1t1. You can find directions here.

Free parking is available – look for the signs as you drive in.


The event will be held on the south side of the mountain on top of the Flying Mile trail.

Access to the course:

Walking Lane (free access):

A walking lane will be set up with signage for pedestrians. To reach it, spectators will be required to follow the path from the south base to the top of the Flying Mile via Roy-Scott—luge track—bottom of Curé-Deslauriers—Promenade—Flying Mile (see map below). An estimated 30- to 45-minute walk (covering 900 metres) will be required to reach the top of the hill and it is highly recommended to use snowshoes or crampons to ensure everyone’s safety.

Flying Mile lift (paid access):

Skiers and snowboarders will be able to purchase a ticket valid for the Flying Mile lift only. It is for sale at the ticket office for $17.73 (+ taxes and royalty). The chairlift to the competition site can only be accessed on skis or snowboard.


Tremblant Resort is a four-season destination located at the foot of the largest ski area in Eastern Canada. Athletes and spectators are welcomed in a European-style village filled with hotels, boutiques, restaurants and activities for all. The Medalists presentation is located in the pedestrian village.

For accommodation requests and needs, please call 1 88 TREMBLANT or    click here    to check the official partners of the event list.

To find out more about  Tremblant, please visit

Tremblant pedestrian village   offers a variety of amenities to ensure a comfortable visit. Lodging, restaurants and shops are also available onsite


Skiers ride down a steep slope of 235 metres at breakneck speeds, negotiating turns and taking on moguls that rise before them like waves on the ocean, in addition to performing two jumps with twists and flips, and that is, all in less than 30 seconds. Skiers receive a score based on the quality of their turns (60%), speed (20%) and the quality of their jumps (20%). Learn more about the discipline of moguls by CLICKING HERE

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